Zoo-Rana Claro

    Jaime Hayon's creativity is limitless. Hand in hand with the craftsmen of the manufacture, he continues his exploration of crystal. With its big eyes placed on the top of the...

    Faun Pajaro Azul

    Perched on its legs transformed into a pedestal, the little animal seduces with its pure lines carved from a single block of crystal. A detail makes all the difference: bevels...

    Faun Candeliere Scimmia

    With its round face and large ears, the animal transforms into a small, crazily cute design object. You can't imagine a monkey without a grimace! With one eye open, the...

    Harc Florero Derecho 320 Oro

    An endless source of inspiration, Harcourt pursues its fabulous destiny. Combining heritage and modernity, the Harcourt vase brings a new interpretation, dressed in 20 carat gold.

    Harc Florero Balustre 320 Oro

    A true icon of Maison Baccarat, the result of unparalleled know-how, the Harcourt collection has travelled the world, proudly displaying its sculptural lines, recognizable among all.

    Cartoon Snoopy Heart

    The features of the beloved beagle, from his round muzzle to his floppy ears are brought to life with minimalist details. The Snoopy Heart portrays the character with a red...

    Gingko Vase 180

    The form of the Baccarat Clear crystal Ginkgo vase is a perfect homage to its namesake, the ginkgo biloba leaf. The tree, which is native to China, is easily distinguishable...

    Gold Papillon

    Poised to flutter off, the Baccarat crystal butterfly glints vibrantly with bright color. The wings fan out grandly, echoing the shape characteristic of the Amazonian breed.

    Eye Vase Red Small

    The wavy design of the crystal Eye vase comes from an extraordinary technique: exterior horizontal cuts and interior vertical cuts combine to produce a magic visual effect.

    Massena Wine Glass XL

    Imposing, sculptural, the Massena glass will make a sensation on your table. The deep bevels cut in the crystal create striking light effects.

    Harcourt Eve Black Flute Set 2

    Adorned with a black button, the Eve flute gives a touch of daring and perfect elegance to your table in a subtle play of contrasts between light and shadow.

    Black Butterfly

    In a subtle play of contrast, the black Eye vase is the ideal piece to showcase the most beautiful bouquets in every interior decoration style.

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