Atlas, son of Iapetus and the nymph Clymene, led the rebellion of the Titans against Zeus and, as a punishment, he was condemned to hold up the sky on his...

    Frida Kahlo

    Frida Kahlo is much more than a famous painter. The popular Mexican artist has become a universal cultural icon and the symbol of a free, vital and transgressive woman. In...

    Penguin Family

    Boldblue, a collection playing with golden luster and the intense electric blue color made famous by the avant-garde artist Yves Klein in the 1950s, is adding a limited edition version...


    This creation represents with amazing faithfulness and detail the figure of a gladiator. Warriors who defended their lives fighting against other gladiators or against wild beasts to entertainment the public...

    Virgen Maria

    The Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ, portrayed in this delicate piece with several of the main attributes associated with the tradition, such as the globe that supports her and...

    Madonna De Las Flores

    Classic depiction of a Virgin Mary with the Child in her arms, dressed in a white tunic with blue cloak symbolizing purity and surrounded by flowers. The image may be...

    Macaw Bird Vase

    The brand’s series of vases is expanded with this new addition featuring a macaw with gilded beak and claws. The exquisite treatment of the bird and the wealth of detail...

    En Sus Pensamientos

    This woman, lying in a flower-laden arch, speaks to us of those wonderful moments when you truly disconnect and let your mind wander. Made in matte porcelain and decorated with...

    Amor Verdadero

    This creation, handmade in glazed porcelain and decorated in black, red and yellow tones, transfers the iconography of tattoos to the world of porcelain and gives it form. And, similarly...

    Angel Celestial

    Angels have a leading place among Lladró creations. The combination of their symbolism, commonly associated with a protective role, and their image, at times ethereal and other times sweet and...

    Héroe Al Rescate

    Children’s imagination has no limits. They can transform themselves into superheroes with makeshift costumes. All it takes are some wellington boots, a bathing costume or a tutu and perhaps a...

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